Top 5 Flower Trends for Fall 2019

If you are obsessed with flowers as I am, you’ll definitely want to know about the top 5 flower trends this fall season. Of course, as tastes differ in style, color, and flower type, it’s really difficult to keep track of the most popular trends for flower arrangements. That’s why I would love to share some new ideas for flowers and styles this fall in order to stay Chic and Elegant, and to follow the latest Chic fashion trends in decorating and brightening up your space during gloomy fall and winter days.

Here are the top picks of Flower Trends for Fall 2019:

One-color flower arrangements

Flower bouquets composed of one solid color in a mix of different types of flowers are considered to be a classy, yet perfect addition to any interior. No matter how you pair them, they still look stylish and gorgeous.

One-color flower arrangement

Preserved flowers

Preserved flowers continue to be big this fall season, being used for the most beautiful floral arrangements that won’t wilt for years. The designs of long lasting arrangements look so real that it is almost impossible to differentiate them from fresh cut blooms. They have become the unique accessory of choice for top designers all over the world. Moreover, preserved flowers are irreplaceable when creating “just-from-the-garden” style for floral arrangements that maintain their freshness and shape for years.

Colorful preserved roses in grey round velvet box

Green Foliage

This style displays the nature’s organic textures and materials in its full. Bold shades of green with hues of blue, brown and amber yellow mostly dominate. These tones can be mixed with neutral colors like brown, gold and grey, with vines, pods, ferns, berries and mushrooms enhancing the arrangement in a natural, yet stunning design. Try some textured flowers such as anemones, celosia, kangaroo paws, orchids or yarrow as a perfect base for your flower arrangement.

Green Foliage – Flower Trends for Fall 2019

Living Coral

Being a 2019’s Pantone Color of the Year, Coral will stay one of the most popular colors in floral design. A rich shade that evokes sunsets and the marine invertebrate, which inspired its name, Living Coral energizes and enlivens with a softer edge. For warmer feelings during fall and winter days a coral shade can be mixed with darker coral hues with plum, soft lavender and somber grey.

Living Coral Bouquets – Flower Trends for Fall 2019

Dried flowers

Dried flowers capture nature’s beauty at its best, adding some mystery to your home decoration. Whether it’s a bouquet or just a single dried flower, this minimalistic style trend can be a perfect match for a floral décor that won’t fade.

Dried Flowers – Flower Trends for Fall 2019