The Origins

Read the story behind the brand and meet the founder, Alla Katkovski

Girl in a dress embroidered with flowers holding a velvet box tied with a pink bow

The story of Holy Chic Los Angeles brand began on my balcony...Despite the fact that I already had two floristic diplomas; one of them I was fortunate enough to receive at a very prestigious school, which I attended exclusively for my aesthetic pleasure, and a couple of months of interning at a Los Angeles flower boutique; everything happened unexpectedly and absolutely not planned.

I needed a bouquet for a gift, and after looking through all the options online, I did not find a single one that would satisfy my chic taste.

Sitting on the balcony and wondering, my attention was drawn to the closet, the contents of which were always pleasing to the eye but rarely unuseful in everyday life. What wasn’t in there? Variety of beautiful vases, vintage spools with velvet ribbons, unique texture paper, a couple of fancy hat boxes, and a lot of packaging from designer things that I always feel sorry to throw away.

Literally an hour later, thanks to a call to my husband, many fresh roses appeared at my home. Remembering all my skills, turning on my favorite music, and catching the right feeling, I made a very first Holy Chic Los Angeles flower arrangement.

It started pouring! Soon, I got an annual subscription to the local flower market, where the choices are much better and the prices are several times cheaper. I found my first suppliers and ordered everything I needed.

The process really fascinated me, I was closing myself on the balcony and working non-stop, carefully thought out every detail. I didn’t want to sleep, it was like some sort of euphoria.

The first fans of my creations began to appear very quickly, I gave my flowers to everyone, friends, neighbors, acquaintances, and friends of acquaintances. 

Seeing a sincere reaction and receiving truly admired reviews, I was inspired even more. I was very flattered that people like my taste, and many find it unusual and refined. I was excited most by the fact that I can give people the most important thing - positive emotions.

And then it finally dawned on me that this is a business which, as it turned out, I passionately love, which will certainly be in demand and can become a good source of income.

To say that it was easy? No!.. It was super easy! Did I have start-up capital and a business plan? No! Even the exact meaning of these phrases was very unclear to me.

Did I have a big and beautiful dream to do what I’m doing now? The correct answer is also "no".

Honestly, my life was always filled with flowers (sincerely grateful to the universe for that); I was given them, I spent a lot of buying them myself, I always admired their incomparable beauty in nature and whenever possible I was trying to be in their chic environment. But I never dreamed to do it as a business. 

Holy Chic Los Angeles was born all of a sudden, from a mix of adoration for everything that I call chic and the ability to feel what chic is, invaluable experience gained over almost 10 years of work with the Dior brand, my restless energy and infinite believe in myself.

Stay chic!

Alla Katkovski, founder.