Best Fall Decorating Ideas to Turn Your Home into a Warm and Cozy Sanctuary

As the seasons change outside, it’s time to transition your space by adding some fall inspired interior décor elements. While it can be quite challenging to transform the interior for the fall season, more thoughtful decorating choices will make your home look and feel as homey and warm as possible. From unique scents to sophisticated accessories, fall décor is all about making it cozy and warm for the autumn season.

Choose natural and earthy colors

Create a little extra seasonal charm and warm up your space by mixing hues found in nature. Bring the colors of your front yard inside.

Add a warm and chic scent

Make your home even more inviting for those autumn evenings with a sophisticated accord of smokey oud wood and a velvet rose. Transform the atmosphere of your home into an alluring wonderland effect with Holy Chic Los Angeles Velvet Addict Candle. 

Place cute pumpkins all over your living room space

Every corner of your home deserves a chance to get in on the fall action! So why not add some cute white pumpkins on the shelves.

Spruce up your bedroom

A beautiful flower arrangement in soft warm autumn colors like yellow, orange and even rich red can help brighten up your bedroom at any time of year, but it's all the more wonderful to look at during autumn.

Add a blanket, or even two!

You’ll feel the ultimate comfort with these blankets designed to hibernate in style. 

Mix colors and neutrals

You don't need to go all out with bold color—keep your fall palette neutral and bright, like this home space. It'll add a calming vibe to the atmosphere. 

Fill a vase with fall foliage

An oversize vessel makes a strong statement when filled with an armful of colorful fall branches. The leaves will add interest to an entryway or other spot for weeks. We love it for its simple, chic appearance as much as its all-natural ingredients. 

Add a classical white bust

Make your space more sophisticated with an antique-style bust statue to reflect your style and inspire your home. It can easily be placed on a shelf, table or a fireplace, giving just enough of a classical touch to any space.