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Alla Katkovski, Founder and Couturier of Holy Chic Los Angeles

It's my pleasure to introduce "Holy Chic" to the world. I'm Alla Katkovski, founder of "Holy Chic" Haute Couture Flower Box. My huge passion, individual vision, exceptional education and more than 10 years experience in luxury world, gave me an opportunity to create an exclusive collaboration of perfect flowers and chic standards.

Can you imagine life without flowers?.. Definitely not me, because I genuinely believe that they are the most divine creations in the world! They are implicitly amazing by themselves, but like every diamond needs an ideal cut, like every peace of art needs the perfect frame - every flower arrangement needs an ideal composition and a deserving unique packaging.

If you are perfectionist, and always looking for something special, for something to highlight your exclusive taste, and show your exceptional care about your loved ones or yourself, I promise that you'll enjoy our chic product and premium service.

Stay Chic!

Alla Katkovski

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