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The Chic Blog

Best Fall Decorating Ideas to Turn Your Home into a Warm and Cozy Sanctuary

As the seasons change outside, it’s time to transition your space by adding some fall inspired interior décor elements. While...

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Why choose preserved roses as the Chicest perfect gift for any occasion?

A collection of Haute Couture inspired preserved roses by Holy Chic Los Angeles that last for years guaranteed is exactly what you need to make a memorable first-class experience.

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Get cozy and Chic this Easter

We all know it is not a typical Easter like anyone had expected, but we still can have a lovely...

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Stylish Shabby Chic Design Ideas for any space

Love the shabby chic style? Probably one of the most popular trends in interior design, shabby chic is an eclectic style that mixes antique furniture with soft pastels, ruffles and feminine florals, being also referred to as country chic or vintage chic.

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Dress with Chic like a French woman

Ever wonder why French ladies always look so effortlessly chic and stylish? Want to find out a formula that French girls stick to when creating the one and only Parisian French style look?

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Top 5 Flower Trends for Fall 2019

If you are obsessed with flowers as I am, you’ll definitely want to know about the top 5 flower trends this fall season. Of course, as tastes differ in style, color, and flower type, it’s really difficult to keep track of the most popular trends for flower arrangements. That’s why I would love to share some new ideas for flowers and styles this fall in order to stay Chic and Elegant, and to follow the latest Chic fashion trends in decorating and brightening up your space during gloomy fall and winter days. Read more →

Chic Quotes

Hello my CHIC society ! So happy to see that so many of you are truly in love with “Holy Chic Los Angeles”. I’m always so excited about your every comment, tag or kind and honest words about my creation💎 I would love us to be a little bit closer to each other... Today I’ll share some of my favorite CHIC quotes that describe my personality the most ;) Comment yours and let’s make CHIC HAPPEN together!!!


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Few ways to be more Chic 🍥



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What would you do for Love?

As you might have noticed, Holy Chic has endless LOVE for the CHIC  fashion brand Dior❣️ It’s such an inspiration to see much more than just a style - Dior forever proclaimed and immortalized the idea of UXURY and extraordinary COURAGE. Read more →

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