Dress with Chic like a French woman

Ever wonder why French ladies always look so effortlessly chic and stylish? Want to find out a formula that French girls stick to when creating the one and only Parisian French style look?

Creating a wardrobe with a strong collection of classic essentials is a must do if you want to look stylish and attractive. No matter what the latest trends of the season are, you can always stick to uncomplicated stylish basics that will never go out of style. And it’s for sure something French women are experts in, creating timeless looks that turn heads wherever they go.

While they’re not afraid of experiencing in style, their looks are almost always based on timeless pieces and well-cut basics with the Parisian fashion vibes redefining modern femininity with free and rock-fueled wardrobe pieces they would never toss from their closets.

Read on to learn more about the secrets of a unique French style. 


Vintage inspired jeans

Pair them with a white blouse or shirt with sleek pumps or chic flats 

Young woman in a vintage inspired jeans  


You can’t go wrong with a black, dark blue or grey blazer matching a white T-shirt

Young woman in a dark blue blazer


White Button Down

 Tuck it into a dark color leather skirt or skinny jeans 

Young woman in a white button down


Stripped Tee or Sweater

Wear it with jeans under a trench coat, with denim skirt or shorts to create a chic Breton style 

Young woman in a stripped tee  

Trench Coat 

Classy outwear that will never go out of style. Go for a traditional neutral color 

Young woman in a trench coat 

Leather Jacket

The leather jacket is one of the most versatile piece of wardrobe that no woman should be without 

Young woman in a leather jacket


Little Black Dress

Classic, chic and timeless. Simply a symbol of chic and elegance 

Little black dress


Oversized sunnies

Oversized sunglasses come in most shapes and style. You can go oval, square or round depending on your face shape 

Young woman in oversized sun glasses


Everyday Red Lips

A lip color projecting the statement of confidence and grace

Young woman wearing red lipstick


Kitten Heels

Kitten Heels are the trendy shoes that are perfect for the day. Can be paired perfectly with dresses, skirts, cropped pants and jeans

Dior's biege "Kitten heels" shoes  

Never fear being Simple and Chic and always dress for yourself! Do things that make you happy to be a woman! 🎀